Monday, July 23, 2012

A sensitive child
Dad had just set the grocery bags on the table.  Then he began washing his right arm.  All the while he was muttering to himself.  Why?  While he was walking back from the grocery store, it had started to rain.  He wasn't far from home now.  Suddenly his foot slipped on the pavement.  Fortunately his fall was cushioned by the bushes.  He got away with some scratches on his right hand and elbow.  The bags of grocery he was holding fell from his hand.  A cabbage and some apples went rolling down a few feet away.  Some of the eggs were completely smashed.  He collected those items and took a quick look at himself.  Yes, scratches on the hand and elbow, and his clothes too had gotten dirty.  Immediately he started feeling upset.  If only he had made it home in time, if only he had not slipped.  At another time it may have just seemed like a small thing.  Even though he tried to dismiss it as a small thing, sometimes small things are enough to make us upset and angry.

Rico was walking back with his dad from the grocery store and had seen all this happen.  He wasn't carrying any bags, although he had asked his dad if he could.  This time dad didn't let him, probably looking at the clouds and thinking of the rain that could come down anytime.  Dad wasn't wrong about the rain.  Mom was obviously concerned when they both got home.  Then, when she saw some blood on dad's arm, she felt terrible for having asked him to buy groceries.  Of course, it wasn't her fault.  That's what dad tried to tell her.  Mom on the other hand started wondering what might have happened if he had fallen down harder.  He could have really hurt himself.  Dad was also aware of that possibility, and said he would be more careful next time.

Mom was looking for the bottle of antiseptic.  Rico watched his mom and dad all the while.  It was scary for him to see his big dad lose balance and almost fall down.  If dad was angry, he also probably felt a little bit embarrassed.  So Rico finally asked dad if it hurt.  Dad said with a smile, looking at mom: "Well not right now, but it will in a moment when your mother puts some antiseptic on these 'BATTLE SCARS'".  Immediately mom replied, looking at dad: "I wouldn't have to if you had been careful".  A little light-hearted remark was just right to make everyone feel easy.  Rico got up and went to the other room.  Dad continued to try to have some light exchanges with mom, but mom wasn't giving in easily.  Rico came back with a couple of Band-Aid.  He asked if he could put the Band-Aid on dad's hand and elbow.  "Sure", dad said, proudly stretching forth his arm and showing his scratches.  But when he saw Rico do it very carefully, his reaction changed.  Dad immediately sensed Rico's sensitive nature.  He wanted to express his love and care for his dad.  "Thanks Rico", dad softly said to him.